Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Window On Your World


Well, I jumped up right at 5 and took my picture from where I was sitting. I was in my front window looking out to my street. We have had approx. 30 - 40 cm of snow in the last 2 days. It's really terribly late. Our Christmas was mostly green.

Reluctant Nomad:

I took up the gauntlet and did your window on the world thingy but I cheated a bit. So sue me, see if I care!

Two versions of the pic are attached, one a smaller one as it appears on my blog, the other being the larger original version.

Even though I cheated, it was fun.


Ian and I were almost home after a trip to Cumbria. I waited in the car, listening to the radio, while Ian popped into Sainsbury's for bread and milk.


Well, here are my 5pm picture(s): I had been out all
day -- mostly at the beach! We had such an incredibly beautiful SF day! We even almost heated up to 70 degrees!!! AND, I have lost enough weight that I was able to fit into my form-fitted thermal with my way-cool Heavy Rotation Octopussy T-shirt!!! ...I've not felt comfortable wearing this ensemble since late November!!! Yay! I was going to post about that. ...but everyone seems to think I'm obsessed or too thin. So, I guess I will not! LOL!

Anyway, I took 3 pictures at 5pm within the span of less than a minute. I wish I had still been at the beach but I was, instead, in The Castro -- on my way home when 5pm hit.

The first picture I took was of the Castro Theatre -- which I think is my fave the second was of Hot Cookie (which is part of the reason I gained too much weight since I left the glitter dental disco job!) and the third was of the gay flag that was hanging
above me to my right. So, you can pick which you want to use.

Krafty Bitch:

Boring picture, I know, but I was working on a grant proposal at the time.


It's not easy to show you what was in front of me at 1700 on Sunday
afternoon, for two reasons.

First, none of my four cameras work. I just spent 10 minutes trying to take a picture with one, and all it did was beep at me with messages about "Invalid Format".

The second reason is: I was asleep at 1700.

However, the first thing I did at 1734 (after getting out of bed and getting dressed) was switch on my laptop. And fail to take a photo of it. However, remembering your post about desktop screengrabs, I did a quick google search for "Fabulous Minge", and grabbed the first result that obviously wasn't about your good self.


I took this a little early as I wasn't sitting in the back of the theatre like I normally do. I had to sneak it and hope I didn't get caught and tossed out the door!

I went to a matinee of Letters from Iwo Jima with the dad before he heads off for a month or two.

I think this was the first Japanese language movie I've watched and the only words that were familiar to my ear were names and place names.

I am used to auditorily recognizing more words even when I don't understand the language.


The view as you leave one of the check-out places within Sainsbury's supermarket, Straiton.

We were returning from the Lake District and had to stop for some provisions before making it home. In the shop they encourage you to consider their banking and financial products - as if supermarkets were not already taking over too much of our lives.


This is the view from the window as I look out of my computer room, kinda fuzzy, lots of snow.


After seeing Dan's Blog this is what we see from my Kitchen Window, the Dog's Kennel, with dog Sasha, and Charlie, Charlie and dog are not full time residents of the kennel.


Taken at the Speedway gas station in Niles on the corner of old 31 (11th Street) and Fort Street. I stopped in to top off my tank and buy a bottled water to take with me to the Y. The cloud formation is actually a band of lack effect snow.


I didn't read your request for photos until Monday, but I thought having taken a photo at 17:05 was too much of a coincidence to pass! 17:05 is allowable, isn't it?

This is a picture of a cat in Ashton-under-Lyne while we were waiting for our friend Paul to get ready.


Here's my contribution for your delightful Window on your World event!

My lil bro was driving us back Dublin-wards having spent le weekend avec mon folks in the west of Ireland. We got stuck behind this tractor carting bags of turf (solid fuel crafted from peat) and were resigned to crawling until we could overtake. Then all the traffic stopped; just outside Athlone (slap bang in the middle of Ireland), we ran into a bit of a kerfuffle involving a horse box which had come a cropper. The gardaí (police) were there looking important and things got moving again reasonably quickly. What was in the horse box? Peat briquettes (solid fuel crafted from peat). [Cue spooky Twilight Zone music]


Old Cheeser:

Okay as per your instructions I have taken a snapshot and attached it - sorry for slightly small size and less than brilliant quality, but it was taken on me mobile and it's not very high definition, as they say...If you want to make it bigger just increase the 0%.

Anyway the picture is taken at home. I'm sitting at my laptop at my desk. To my immediate left is the sofa and shelves containing, as you can see, chock loads of CDs. Beyond that is the kitchen and the guy in the brown shirt with his back turned is my dearly beloved, preparing dinner.

At the time I was sat at my laptop surfing the net and (supposedly) hunting for jobs!!

It's quite typical of what we'd be up to on a Sunday i.e. chilling at home...

Anjou Wu:

At 5:00pm I was in the middle of the film “Babel” when I had to pee.

Thus, here is my picture.

Not glamorous, but realistic.


We wondered what the world was doing at 5pm on Sunday. Now we know.

In other news:

has got the go-ahead. Hurrah!


Just a Girl said...

Thanks for doing this Minge.
Tis cool.

debbie said...

Oh Minge it looks great..

Brian said...

Faboo. Wish I could have participated.

Moncrief Speaks said...

All fabulous. Of course I forgot.

Do you ever go to that Costco featured in your photo, Minge? I didn't realize you had them over there.

matty said...

This was a really cool idea!!! thank you!

Minge said...

JAG - cool, indeed, and fabulous!

Debbie - seeing all the photographs together in one place puts one in mind of an outrageously fabulous gallery, don't you think?

Brian - As I also wish. Never mind! Were you busy?

Moncrief - Naughty to forget. You're not too old to go over my knee, young man!

Minge said...

Yes, Matty, it was a cool idea! I hope you didn't mind me using all three of your pictures. I couldn't decide which one to put up. They were all fabulous.

Minge said...

I've been to Costco once. They sold ten kilo tins of mayo. That frightened me enough to never return.

coal2k said...

Aww... I really wanted to play but I was in the IMAX and they wouldn't let me take my camera in :(

Please do it again!!

Minge said...

Ok. Will do this again. Next week? Or is that too soon? Next month?

Reluctant Nomad said...

What great contributions you got. And those who forgot definitely need spanking over your knee!

Next time you do it or something similar, I promise not to cheat. Well, not quite as much.

Old Cheeser said...

Yes great idea. Thanks so much for putting up my pic and blurb. Great to see/read everyone else's too. My what different and varied lives we all lead!

The photo of the urinals is a bit suspect though. Anjou Wu, what were you really up to? (sorry couldn't resist).

Just a Girl said...

You could do it again for the first day of spring. Or the Ides of March?

.25 life crisis kid said...

Love this!!! I'm going to do it next time you offer it! I promise.

Andrea said...

Diverse. What a wonderful group of friends you have dear Minge!