Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I can tell, by your eyes, that you've probably been crying for ever, dear reader.

I've been up, down, round and round - and then through the loop. I am human macramé. And as I said to Andrew Ridgeley in Paris, August 1988, "What's the point in pretending to be a length of rope if you can't get knotted?" From metaphor to cliché in one easy step. Yay.

The Prozac made me feel like my feet were in blocks of concrete and my head in the clouds. Simply put, I honestly felt like I might have fallen off of the planet if the wind had blown. A very bizarre sensation, I can tell you. Then, thanks to Barry from the Lake District, I've had a dreadful chest infection to put up with. I'm still talking like Bonnie Tyler sings (though without the mid-Atlantic Welsh accent) and trying to cough up a gold watch.

It's all gone horribly wrong, dear reader.

But there are some good things in the world. Things to celebrate:

Ian and I moved in together on this day in 2000. Seven years is a long time, my lamb, and there's not an itch to be had. We're just going to stay in tonight, eat spaghetti, drink wine and talk about the time we've been together. My favourite part (though, obviously, this was before we moved in together) was the day we first met. I got into Ian's car to go over to his flat here in Edinburgh, he reached across and kissed me. Right on the lips. I was really taken by surprise and what a fabulous surprise!

I am more in love with my delicious boyfriend today than ever before and am so licky* to have him. Here's to the next seven years, my little maid. What a shame it can't be seven decades. I expect we'll be long dead by then.

*What a Freudian slip! I've left licky as is, just so you can see how my torrid little mind works, dear reader. Of course, I should have typed lucky.


Andrea said...


Bill S. said...

Congratulations! I hope you feel better, BTW: I've missed your wit and wisdom!

Mr. Anjou said...

How truly wonderful. You two make a charming, handsome, and sexy couple.

Enjoy the night!

graham said...

Simply splendid, and what a fabulous couple you make. To your next 7 years, may they be as happy and wonderful as the last. :-)

Moncrief Speaks said...

Congrats, hen!!!

Lost Boy said...

Oh I love 'I Don't Want to Talk About It'. Hope things brighten up for you soon.

A Novelist said...

Dearest Minge (and Phyllis) -

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I am so happy you found each other! Sometimes it takes a lifetime to find our soul mates. You two make a fabulously, handsome couple! Enjoy your evening together. ;)


Lewis said...

I'll just bet that "licky" wasn't a slip.....just saying it out here. I wish we could all get in bed together, eat Italian noodles, and drink heavily. That'd be fun! Cheers to you for the seven years.

Just a Girl said...

Aww. *mush* So sweet.

You could do 7 decades but I fear you'd both be rather crinkled and out of your minds :)

Krafty Bitch said...

Cheers to you both! I'm betting on seven decades.

I hope you feeling better soon. Damn Barry, that infectious vector!


Lex Ham Rand said...

I got a little misty reading this post, Minge! It reminded me of the first time I kissed my lovely wife. We will celebrate our 18th anniversary this year. Yikes! That's a long time.

I've just crawled out of a cave myself, Minge, and this was a lovely post to wake up to.


Old Cheeser said...

Congratulations to you and lovely fella!! Wooohooo!! A nice story of how you met too.

A shame you didn't move in together on February 14th of course - would have been doubly romantic!!

Enda said...

How delightfully rosemantic! Happy kinda anniversary, boys.

Now, if only I could my brat to be more romantic on Valentine's Day (although it might help if we actually lived in the same country :( )

Alan said...

happy anniversary

Deni said...

Wow,just reading your blog made me in a a great mood,hubby was happy,too.
He got a special Valentine treat!!!!.Deni