Thursday, February 01, 2007


My gorgeous beau and I took a trip into West Lothian on Monday. Phyllis had documents to hand in to his accountant in Bathgate and I had Doctor Who DVDs to purchase so a detour to Livingston was organised.

Being so close to our old home in Armadale, we couldn't resist going for a wee keek. Sadly, I wish we hadn't. The people who bought our house are not looking after it and haven't touched the garden since arriving. I felt quite downhearted after that. Thankfully, though, it didn't last long. After a short walk around our old clu-de-sac, we thought we'd take my ladies for a walk on their old route. They knew exactly where to go. What memories they have! Oh, and we met Megan and her Mother. I couldn't beleive the fact that we'd bumped into her. Megan was barking at Meg and Mary, but, as usual, they weren't bothered.

"You can't keep away from the place!" said Megan's Ma.

I asked her how she was. She was fine, but Megan, apparently, was still crabbit. And nearly seventeen years old! Lord above us. That's some age for a Border Collie. Sadly, she does nothing much but sleep all day and has to go for a wee-wee at least twice during the night. Aw. Sounds like Minge.



Andrea said...

What was Phyllis saying as you took his pic??

Minge said...

Not a word - but I think he was wondering if I wanted him in the frame or not.