Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Down in the jungle, playing with my mate. I want to go to toilet. Pft. Too late!

Tomorrow, dear reader, is Ash Wednesday. In preparation for Lent, for Easter and forty days of fasting, we today embrace Shrove Tuesday.

To save me from temptation, all the good things from my refrigerator and cupboards will be used to cook up a fabulously large bunch of pancakes this evening. Toppings and fillings will include:

Black cherry jam
Lemon juice
Maple syrup
Quince paste

In which fillings and toppings will you indulge, dear reader?


Just a Girl said...

Berries and whipped cream.

Anonymous said...

Yummy! I'm going for black cherry jam and a sprinkling of sugar for crunch. That and some Sainsbury's Greek style yog with honey. Mmmm.

Anonymous said...

I'll go for gravy and cheese.

David said...

We've got a large Polish population in this part of the country so we've got paczkis coming off the line. They're basically jelly or cream filled donuts. I've got to remember to make a paczki run and stock up before the day is over. Blueberry or Bavarian cream.... *drools*

coal2k said...

Bananas, nutella and whipped cream or just plain old butter.

I am a person of extremes :P

Lost Boy said...

Such is my almight power, I'm postponing Shrove Tuesday until Saturday where we shall feast on panckaes topped with bacon mushrooms and cheese for brunch.

Sylvie said...

nutella ;)
I might also try some berries, if you have, with whipped cream.

since I'm on vacation right now, I wanted to visit my working colleagues and bring some carnival donuts, but then it got later and later and I forgot :(

I hope your pancakes will be fabulous, minge ;))


ucallmemadam said...

We forgot to use the quince paste!


graham said...

I made 31 pancakes (for four of us...still a lot though) and we had nutella, bananas, ham and mozzerella, vanilla sugar and lemon, maple syrup and honey and lemon fillings. We all thought we'd burst after. :-)
Hope you both enjoyed yours :-)

gab said...

i didnt have any :(

A Novelist said...

This post is KILLING me! I have been fasting all day and I am starving. MMM Nutella crepes! ;) My fav! xoxo

Minge said...

All these are fabulous, but Gab, you should have had some! it's never too late! And gravy and cheese is gross. Sorry.

Did you get a pancake in, Novelist? And why are you fasting?

gab said...

im on a diet i cant

but nutella is delish