Monday, November 06, 2006


America goes to the polls tomorrow.

Exciting! Nice to have an election.

Can the Republicans keep their majority in both houses of Congress? Well, yes, the answer is they can. But will they?

I seriously doubt it.

In the news media, I find Mr Bush is hardly Mr Popular. Although the Americans might not be able to remove him, they certainly want to give him a bloody nose. This can surely be achievable with all the seats in the House Of Representatives up for grabs, but with only a third of the senate being contested, overturning the majority means gaining six seats.

Fingers crossed.

Apart from Mr Bush's smug look, his ridiculous gaffes and neanderthal swagger, the Republican Party and its people are looking somewhat tarnished. Americans tend not to like sex scandals, so writing sexually explicit emails to teen boys and using your meth dealer for sex (they call it massage) is hardly a good idea. And when people refuse to resign, people like to kick them out. If they can't be kicked out, people still like the kicking part.

But this is hardly Mr Bush's fault.

So what's he done?

He's lied.

There were no weapons of mass destruction. American soldiers die or are injured on a daily basis. If there were no terrorist training camps in Iraq before the invasion, there are now.

It's all gone horribly wrong and looks like it will never and can never be fixed. Who got the world into this mess?

Geroge W Bush.

Who knows, the Democrats might have had the very same policy when it came to Iraq. But the Republican Presidents policy was wrong. It was bad. It was stupid. When things go wrong, they are changed. When they can't be changed, they are amended.

I believe the political landscape of the USA is about to be amended.

Dubya and his party should be and will be punished.

Tuesday will be exciting.


Moncrief Speaks said...

You said it!

It will be exciting.

zona boy said...


zona boy said...

I'll post on my blog Wednesday how I voted and how it actually came out in Arizona.

Moncrief Speaks said...

Minge, I am, to quote you, so excited I could vomit.

RIC said...

I hope we can see some changes really soon! Oh, and just btw, in the UK as well... Blair thinks Saddam's sentence is «fair»?! Are British socialists for death penalty now?...

Lex Ham Rand said...

Excellent and insightful political commentary from across the pond, from Correspondent Minge.

This election has turned into a national referendum of sorts on what many would say are the failed policies of the incumbent administration.

Many interesting posts up for grabs here in Minnesota as well, including national representatives (both House and Senate) and our state Governor as well.

Brian said...

I wish I could be as optimistic as you, Minge, but I said something similar two years ago and now I'm just trying to make it through the next two years without crying.

Anjou Wu said...

I feel the same sense of dread, Brian. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook, but then I see another dreadful attack ad or read another story about the
"irregularities" in our voting system, and I just feel depressed. Hopefully tomorrow will signal a change of direction for the States. We'll just have to see.

Minge said...

I'm sure America will see sense.

There would be public outcry, I'm sure, if the same rigging operation ever happens again as it did when Gore beat Bush yet Bush became President.

And are not Americans now embarrassed by Bush? His swagger? His smug look? His lies? His faux Christianity? His forsaking of friends?

It's time for Democrats and democrats.

On a side issue, Mr Blair yesterday said he's against the death penalty whether it's Saddam Hussein or anyone else but his sentencing is a matter for Iraq and its people, not him. It's a start, but it still doesn't put Mr Blair back in my good books.

If killing is wrong, how can the state sanction it? And how can a self-proclaimed Christian President allow executions knowing the ten commandments or Christ's advice that we love our neighbour and God?

RIC said...

Bravo, Minge! I wouldn't have ever said it any better! Thank you so very much!