Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving day to all those, here reading, who celebrate it. May your hearts be light, your stomachs full and your smiles broad.

And I hope there's some good stuff on the telly.

I wish I was tucking into some pumpkin pie today. I've been to America a few times and always at this time of year, however, I've never been there during Thanksgiving. Also, I've never eaten pumpkin pie.

I've been reading up about this special day, since, until now, I've been quite ignorant. I've just discovered that since 1970, a group of
Native Americans and others have held a National Day of Mourning protest on Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Every coin has two sides, I suppose, dear reader, and every silver lining has a cloud.

Still, if you're celebrating today, enjoy it. I love a good stuffing, myself.


Anonymous said...

It's not my Thanksgiving but mmmm, pumpkin pie!

Anjou Wu said...

Thanks for the shout-out to us Yanks on Thanksgiving. The whole day is just another excuse to indulge the American tendency to gluttony. You’re right that the reminder to be actively thankful redeems the day somewhat. The National Day of Mourning receives almost no mainstream press coverage here, which won’t surprise many of you.

There are very, very few things I won’t eat in this world, but pumpkin pie is certainly on that list. It’s the mushy texture, the smell, and the knowledge that the inside of a pumpkin is a slimy, bacteria-laden hothouse of parasites and rotting seeds. Yuck!

Minge, is there anything in particular you won’t eat?

Minge said...

I won't eat myself. I'm not keen on eating meat and I certainly won't eat offal such as kidneys (they smell of wee-wee) and liver. Oh, and I won't eat poo, either. Scat just boggles my mind.

Why eat poo when you can be eating custard? I just don't get it.

Moncrief Speaks said...

Thanks, Minge!

The only thing on the telly today will be football (the U.S. kind), which is also part of the tradition. Eat a tremendously huge meal of turkey and potatoes and etc., and then fall asleep in front of a spectacle of enormous men in heavy padding banging each other around.

Ah, l'Amerique!

aaron said...

ha ha, Minge said "I've never eaten pumpkin pie"..... Darling, you've never eaten pie of ANY kind! xxx lol

Minge said...

How fabulous to see a bunch of blokes, banging. I wish we had Thanksgiving Day here, now!

Yes, Aaron, I should add that to the list of things I won't eat. Of course, you'd be hard pressed to put anything on such a list, wouldn't you?

I'm such a bitch today.

Minge said...

Anyone know the name of that theraputic writing system is called? You're given a pen and paper and just told to scribble until words come out. I thought it was free expression, but can't find anything on it.

Moncrief Speaks said...

You're either thinking of automatic writing (which has kind of a mystical, spiritual bent to it) or freewriting (which is simply a composition exercise useful for those with writer's block), probably the former.

Brian said...

You big liar butt. You eat haggis. It's got offal in it.

Aaron... Is that...? Is that...? He Who Must Not Be Named? Is he back? I've been worried.

Minge said...

Yes, Aaron is back.

I can eat Haggis because I can't see what's in it. If I could see whole organs or lumps of organs then I'd spew.