Monday, November 13, 2006


Friday was Kath and Georgie's last full day with us here in Edinburgh. The weather was grim, so a drive up into the Highlands was out, it being pointless, in case you were wondering, dear reader. There's very little to see and do north of the highland line on a wet and windy day. Unless you're into rain worship or potholing.

Instead, we decided to go to the Edinburgh Butterfly And Insect World.

We were in luck. We got there five minutes before a scheduled handling session! Double luck: we witnessed a handler being bitten by a Tarantula.

Only joking.

Kath, Ian and George touched and held everything offered to them. I stayed well away. These creatures should be on the floor of the jungle, as they belong, not being petted by human beings. The very thought of being within a few feet of one makes me feel physically sick. Somewhere in the bible, I am sure, there's a passage which says anything that creeps, crawls, slithers or slides is the Devil's. He can keep them for all I care. I don't want to touch anything Satanic or evil.

We left there early afternoon. With lots of time still on our hands, we decided to go ten pin bowling. I've only ever been once before in my entire life, so I became very excited.

Ian was not keen to enter Minge into the contest, so I was dubbed Roysie instead.

See Minge handling big balls!

Not all contestants were as reserved as Phyllis. Take, for example, the delicious black man in the photograph above, as seen with Kath. His name was Anal. I kid you not. See below.

Do you think that Anal was his real name, dear reader, or one of his hobbies?

After three games of bowling, and Minge coming last, we had a browse around the amusements. Kath and I shared an electric shock treatment, similar to the one we received in The Edinburgh Dungeon, though this time we were stood up and only received three thousand volts.

As you'll see from my expression, it wasn't a bucket of laughs.

George didn't mind the electric shocks at all. He must be hard.


Anonymous said...

When Ray was in graduate school, we both volunteered, yes, VOLUNTEERED (lol!) to help out at an insect zoo sponsored by the university at the state fair. I held the millipede which slept almost the entire time and felt like a cold piece of plastic. Ray held one of the Madagascar hissing cockroaches, which aren't nasty at all as they had been totally raised in an aquarium.

Minge said...