Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The former First Lady of The Phillippines, Imelda Marcos, is launching her own fashion house/label: The Imelda Collection.

She's beginning with jewellery and it's thought she'll progress onto clothing, shoes and accessories, mostly recycled from her own wardrobe.

This essentially means she's flogging off her old clobber.

Money for old rope.

Marcos was once charged with corruption and fraud, found guilty and sentenced to twelve years in prison. However, this was overturned on appeal.

On seeing her new collection, do you think the fashion police will charge her with gross misconduct and find her guilty? Or insane?


RIC said...

Imelda Marcos, the bitch herself??? Was she hibernating or what? Launching a fashion label? Where? In the Phillippines' jungle?
OmG, this world is definitely turned upside down...

zona boy said...

"flogging off her old clobber" gives me a vision of a one ton sea lion waddling down a pier.