Saturday, November 25, 2006

Blackford Hill

Just down the road from my house, one will find Blackford Hill. Phyllis and I decided to go there today. Click here to see the photograph I took of him. We walked up to the top, lobbed the tennis ball for the dogs a few times with their new bunger, then went back home. It was so cold and windy up there, it wasn't true.

One of the many benefits of Blackford Hill is the superb view. In the photograph above, we see Edinburgh Castle, dear reader. Beyond it, across the sea, is Fife.

Here, we see Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags.

Sometimes, Mary looks criminally insane.

Meg loves to sit atop the trig point. Doing so gets her lots of attention, which she adores.

Minge from the back.

Minge bungs.

Elizabeth from Big Brother II came up to Blackford Hill to do her this is me video. I hated her. She was smug, superior and an idiot. Click here to see her best bits, though how they found any is beyond me.


RIC said...

Beautiful photos, Minge! The sceneries are fantastic!
Thank you!

Brian said...

Take me there the next time I visit. Please?

Anonymous said...

Meg has some talent.

david bowie said...

LOL MINge... when I saw that picture of you from the back I though for one horrible moment that you had been in mums bedroom again and dyed your hair ginger..... I was so relieved when I scrolled down.... lovely pics... and I can just see me sitting on that trig point eating my dairylee sandwich...

David xx

see... if you won't come to fabulous... I'll terrorise you here instead... x

Minge said...

I don't mind terrorism, David. I love a nice rocket attack.

JAG, Meg loves sitting on walls, fences, benches and things. She's a clever girl and, I think, knows it.

Brian - I promise.

Ric, thanks.

Aaron said...

THAT is the gayest tennis ball I've ever seen..... trust you, hen! x

gab said...

nice pics xxxx