Saturday, November 25, 2006


I should be going to bed, but it would be pointless as I won't sleep. I hate lying in bed with no sleep in me.

So, instead, dear reader, I'm going to bitch about someone. I'm going to say her, that might mean her or she in the gay way, or it might mean a lady - or neither. I'm not saying. I'm also not saying if she reads this blog or not. I'm not saying if she has a blog or not. But what I am saying is this:

You're a conceited bitch. You're a prima-donna. You love the fact that people suck up to you. They are careful with your heart and yet you are careless with theirs.

You don't wash your hair often enough. You don't know how to apply eye make-up.

You're condescending and patronising. You think you're doing me a favour by even communicating with me. Well, honey, I'm the one doing you the favour in allowing you to communicate with me. I should tell you where to get off, but, unlike you, I'm too polite.

You get off on people feeling sorry for you. You live on pity. For the love of Jesus, do you think you're the only one who's had it bad? Have you ever thought about anyone else's emotions, thoughts, hopes, fears or feelings?

And don't tell me to look after your friends when you're away. They are quite capable of looking after themselves. And don't imply you're looking after them just now. You can't even look after yourself. If anyone wants or needs to be looked after, I'll know it or they'll ask. You'd be better off, going home, throwing out all your dowdy clothes, washing yourself, washing your filthy hair and getting a good hair cut. When you've done all that, clean up your abode. Clean the floors, throw out all the junk you've scattered across the floor, vacuum the carpets, clean out your kitchen cabinets, change your bedding and then go and wash your face and hands again. Oh, and invest in some antiperspirant: you stink.


RIC said...

Some times we're looking at ourselves on a mirror, thinking we have a lot to say to ourselves, on the edge of getting into a state. We usually have more bad things than good to tell ourselves.
Then we look away and see someone else: s/he becomes the target. And all we were thinking about ourselves we go and say to the other one.
Why? I really don't know. I guess we have to speak our hearts out. Even if what we have to say is cruel, cold, unfair, desgusting.
That's just the way we are. Some times.

Minge said...

All true, Ric. Plus the fact, I was venting because I had the rats. All from not having had a fag. Cold turkey. Bbbrrr.

Old Cheeser said...

This person you're slating isn't the one in the picture is it?? Nah, I guess that would be too obvious??

RIC said...

Oh I see now! It's much less serious than I thought last night...
But I agree with you. I most surely can go out at, say, 1:00 am or so to buy cigarettes... And I take the opportunity to have a nice, peaceful walk in the vicinity of Belém tower.
(Just out of curiosity: did you know «Belém» is the Portuguese for «Bethlehem»? How words change from language to language, huh?)

Minge said...

Not the man in the picture and not very serious.

It's strange how we choose wich thoughts we keep to ourselves and which we choose to broadcast. Choice. We have no choice in our thoughts. Does character dictate our thoughts or our decisions on whether or not we broadcast them? Do nice people have bad thoughts, but only keep them to themselves? Does that make such a person worse than one who would voice their opinions, sour or otherwise?

I have been to the Belém tower, Ric, and would love to return. I should try and dig out some old photographs from my time there. I can picture you, now, walking along that road, near the water, smoking in the warmth of a Portuguese night. It sounds so romantic that I could actually cry! In fact, even now I am weeping.

Anonymous said...

The thing about a person's character any given moment it pulls in several different directions, over the course of a day it can change radically several times, and over a decade it can seem to change completely.

Are nice people simply diplomatic people? I'd say no, because diplomatic people are often not nice underneath their diplomacy, but nice people, in addition to being diplomatic about their not-nice thoughts, don't have so many not-nice thoughts, and when they do it's not considered not automatic. If you see what I mean.

I used to live with someone who held in every non-complimentary thought they had. The result was that his conversation was incredibly irritating - just a steady stream of anondyne sweetness.

Then when he got drunk all the supressed bitterness and hatred came spewing out in a torrent. Maybe that's what happens when someone tries to be a nice person.

BTW, people say I'm a nice guy, but they also say I'm cold and unemotional. Both are probably right - memories of warm romantic nights are pleasant, but they'd never make me cry.

RIC said...

... Nice topic to think about! As to that walk, Minge, you just hit the target! Bingo! With one single exception: it's not so warm anymore - 12º to 16º in the evening (when I like to go for a walk. Not during the day. I guess there's something of a bat in me...)
As to being nice or diplomatic, I used to be diplomatic, but not anymore. It just didn't pay. I'm serious. People said: «Oh Ricardo is so polite! How marvellous!» The next minute, if they could, they'd be fucking me behind my back...
Now I'm truly nice only to a few chosen. But if they bother me I won't keep it to myself anymore: I make the winds start blowing!
And yes, I agree with Captain: the more artifially nice a person gets, the worse it is when that person happens, say, to drink heavily... I do know a few cases. I guess Freud explains that, too...
That kind of people can get rather boring indeed.
Enjoy the chat, guys!

Aaron said...

That's me you're talking about. I just know it.

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about Madonna? You're right about her hair.