Thursday, November 02, 2006

Top 10 sandwiches

Friends of Minge will be well aware of my love for lists. I've just thought of another:

Minge's top 10 sandwiches!

1 Black Forest (black cherry jam and nutella)
2 Chip butty (fat french fries in white bread with lots of butter)
3 Heinz Sandwich Spread (no marj/spread/butter)
4 Pickled onion crisps and use light mayo instead of spread/marj/butter
5 Home made marmalade (brown or white bread - no spread)
6 Tomato (sliced) with butter (brown or white bread)
7 Strawberry jam (must be white bread - butter is optional)
8 Quorn sausages (bangers) fried and then sliced (lengthways) on white bread with butter and brown sauce (HP).
9 Slices of mars bar on white bread with unsalted butter
10 Hot, breaded Quorn fillets in a baguette with lettuce, tomato and mayo

What are your top ten sandwiches, dear reader?


Anonymous said...

OH I LOVE Black Forest sandwiches. Nutella is good on EVERYTHING. Yum-O! :)

Minge said...

Everything? Lordy! A Novelist! The mind boggles!

Brian said...

I love me a good Monte Cristo. But it's so hard to find places that make them (and, then, make them well).

Lost Boy said...

Yeuch most of those are inedible. I would have to say my favourite is dead dog on toasted ciabatta with garlic dressing. Or tuna.

zona boy said...

I only have four fave sandwiches.

Toasted Cheese (with tomato soup)

Bologna (two slices with catsup in between)

Ice Cream


RIC said...

You are a «gourmand» indeed, Minge!
As to myself, on bread I put whatever comes to my mind and is available in the frige...

Anjou Wu said...

I adore a good Croque Madame.

Also, like Elvis, I appreciate Banana, Peanut Butter, and honey on white bread.

Minge said...

Elvis can do no wrong.