Monday, November 13, 2006


Thursday was a good day. Although we we all a bit rough, for some reason (headaches and fatigue by and large), we did find the need, after a late start to find a fabulous café for a bite to eat.

When I'm feeling cranky, ill or have got the rats, something savoury is the last thing on my mind. I took this delicious chocolate cake (I think there was more booze than chocolate) and a cappuccino doppio. To die for!

I was in no mood for fun or capers. It seems George and Kath were, though, flirting outrageously with the gorgeous Italian waiters.

From there, we went on to The National Gallery via George Street. Here, above, we see, dear reader, George on George Street in front of a statue of George IV.

After our arty outing, we stopped off at Edinburgh Castle to take a few photographs before heading home.

I had no intention of going into the Castle. I've been there seven times already and really don't ever want to go again. Enough, already! I was hoping my guests would want to go on their own, but they felt nervous without Minge. Perhaps next time.


Lost Boy said...

Centotre on George Street is owned by an ex Valvona (or maybe it's Crolla; one of them anyway) and is very good. I recommend it for lunch if you're feeling semi-extravagant.

Minge said...

You've been there, Lost Boy?

Minge said...,13,66,848&cuiID=32

Anonymous said...

Yes I have. Have you? Better for lunch because it's nice and bright. I still can't get over the fact that it used to be Jigsaw Menswear, but hey.

Minge said...

Never been there. But I'll be on my way now! I'll tell them you sent me.

Anonymous said...

That piece of cake and the cappucino look wonderful!!

Minge said...

You should come here for a nibble.