Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vicky's in a charity shop

Now that her husband's been ditched by the England team, Victoria Beckham has been forced to go shopping in Oxfam.

Perhaps she'll no longer look like a dog's dinner? Oh, no, hang on, she'd have to get those weird plastic domes removed from her chest first, then have a head transplant.

I wouldn't hold your breath, dear reader.

Do you think, hen, that those nipples are as fake as the tits? They're like fucking coat hooks or blind cobblers' thumbs. I bet she pops iced gems down her bra, the vile little slut.


Brian said...

Sorry, I'll have to write a more coherent post later. Right now, I'm dealing with the trauma of having taken out an eye on those nips sticking out.

RIC said...

Why do I always think that kind of women are being scornful at all those other women in the world who don't have anything to eat?

Ajunt said...

She looks horrid.

Anonymous said...

It is creepy.

Minge said...

She's the vilest of human beings to stalk the earth.