Monday, November 13, 2006

Fat Mary

This fine specimen of womanhood, to the left, dear reader, is Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, otherwise known as Fat Mary.

I think she's fabulous.

Do you think she was a drag queen? If not, did she miss her vocation?

Monarchy, however opposed to it I may be, is still, to me, a very interesting topic.

You know how it is, dear reader, you faff around on Wikipedia, going from link to link... I found the article on George IV for my previous post, Thursday. Then had a look at his brother's life story and then their neice. If Queen Victoria had never been born, this man, Ernst August, would now be King of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as well as Prince of Hanover. And guess what, he's married to Princess Caroline of Monaco! If her eldest brother doesn't get his knickers into gear and have some ligitimate children, Caroline's going to be Monaco's next head of state!

Image what a dynasty this would make!

I think we should throw the lot of them out and install Princess Alexandra of Hanover as our Queen right now! It could be fabulous!

Comment te dire adieu?

Before I go, and as mentioned before, going from link to link on Wikipedia can be fun. I've just been reading The Queen Mother's reported quips and have laughed out loud. Why couldn't her eldest daughter have been as fabulous, interesting and humourous?


Anonymous said...

I'm LOL remembering Ray doing the Queen at the sushi restaurant and you 2 saying how it sounded like she was right there in the room with us!

Here's an even more interesting monarchy: the kings & queens of ancient Hawaii, especially queen/princess Liliuokalani. Wiki know you want to!! ;)

Minge said...