Thursday, November 02, 2006

La Streisand

Dubya supporters object to free speech:

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It's strange, in a world in which we are fighting for freedom, for ourselves and for others, we want to gag people, tell them what (and, indeed, what not) to wear, follow their every move and, in general, put society in a straight jacket.

Of course, this kicks up a lot of dust and asks more questions, on wider issues, than there are answers.

But I have to consider these points:

If we live in a free society/country, why do we have to have ID cards?
If we live in a free society/country, who are we to tell people what to wear?
If we live in a free society/country, how come we can't have democracy?
If Americans live in a free society/country, why do they put up with rigged elections?


Anonymous said...

How was the 2000 presidential election "rigged?"

abba2002 said...

"Rigged" might be a bit strong, but in my humble opinion, the US Supreme Court's decision to stop the recount of votes in Florida was deeply suspect. There was also widespread reporting of voting "irregularities" throughout the country during that election, and our voting system has only gotten worse in the (Republican-controlled) years since. I think the election we're about to have is going to be one of the most controversial ever. The number of lawyers alone "overseeing" the election staggers the mind.

Good questions, all, Minge.

Kapitano said...

In answer to your questions Minge, I think the sentence "It's for the greater good" can be used to justify anything bad.

Failing that, the sentence "No freedom is absolute" is an effective red herring to throw in the path of liberals.

And failing that, there's always "If you haven't broken any laws, you have nothing to fear", "It's only temporary" and "If you oppose us you're with the terrorists",

Brian said...

Freedom is an illusion. None of us are free nor will be ever be.

David, I don't think Minge meant to say the 2000 election was rigged. I think he meant to say that W's Daddy bought it for him with the help of his oil baron friends and brother. I think he meant to say the election was re-gifted.

Forgive him. He's English.