Sunday, December 31, 2006


I was sad to learn of the death of President Ford a few days ago. Hypocrisy and double standards abound, Dubya said of Gerald, America's only unelected President to date, "He was a great man..."

How many people, do you suppose, dear reader, will say that of Dubya himself?

Dubya, however one looks at him, is a most dreadful individual.

As a self proclaimed Christian, he has sent thousands of people to their deaths in the full knowledge that Christ teaches us that on being struck on one cheek, we should show the other.

While President, Dubya has made unprecedented claims of executive power. He has asserted, for example, that the president may imprison foreign nationals and US citizens without judicial process and may hold such persons incommunicado.

In rejecting these claims in 2004, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor wrote for the Supreme Court, "History and common sense teach us that an unchecked system of detention carries the potential to become a means for oppression."

Click here to read What the Supreme Court's ruling means.

I aim to make it to Grand Rapids one day, not only for the Judy Garland experience, but to visit the Gerald Ford Museum. I hear it houses a most fabulous disco mirrorball. I might also bump into Betty.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm quite drunk right now as I'm writing these - hopefully - understandable words.
Watching that sad monkey face makes me want to puke!
How many more murderers are we going to put up with in name of this totally fucked-up «democracy»?
Did we all become helpless morons? How much longer are we going to bear this shit?
That miserable Saddam was a monster indeed. And all these sons of a filthy bitch, what are they?
I wish people these days can think about a revolution, and not only about the ridiculous money they can put inside their pockets...
(Sorry Minge.)

Anonymous said...

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Lex Ham Rand said...

Ooooh! Blog spam. Nice.

Hi, Minge - I have been perusing your fabulous blog today (new year's day) and the pictures you've posted recently are excellent - Meg in a wig is the best.

Sadly, President Ford was from Grand Rapids Michigan, not Minnesota. Two different towns, same name. Our Grand Rapids (in MN) is the home of the Judy Garland museum.

Happy New Year to you and Ian! And the girls!

Anonymous said...

Yep, Ford is from GR, Michigan and Garland is from GR, Minnesota.

Happy New Year!

Minge said...

Ah... I see! Thanks, hen!

Minge said...

I can't believe there are two Grand Rapids. It's too much for me to take!