Sunday, December 31, 2006


Guten tag, dear reader, og bon chance!

2007 is literally around the corner. I'm going to pop out in a few moments and get it. Once I've had my fun with it, I'm going to pass it on. Should anyone want it, please get in touch. I don't want any money except P&P (that's shipping for you Americans - although I can promise I will sent it airmail).

I usually avoid making new year resolutions, but this year I intend to break the habit of a lifetime and make one. I resolve to try to think about my actions, each and every one of them. I'll ask myself if they're ethical or not, if I'm being selfish, if these actions are exacerbating any problems or helping to solve them... Basically, I hope to think more about the things I'm doing. Of course, this may have no impact on my actions. I know I'll be selfish from time to time, I'll cause problems for myself and for others, I'll leave lights on unnecessarily... But I will think. And many good things start with a thought. So, there is hope, dear reader.

BT used to say it's good to talk, I think it's good to think. Click here and you will.

Whatever you're doing to bring in the new year, hen, I hope it's fabulous, even if it's a nice deep sleep, tucked up in bed. And
I hope 2007 is wonderful.

I'm hoping and praying that the weather doesn't mean the cancellation of the party in Edinburgh. This news article is currently claiming it's going ahead, but it's all subject to change. I'm desperate to see Pet Shop Boys and I refuse to be stopped.

2006 has been an outlandish year, positive and negative...

Thanks to Aaron, I started blogging and made some good friends along the way. Something sinister grew within my poor tongue, Ian and I went to Japan, Brian came to see us in August amid his tour of Britain, Steve Irwin was killed, Borat hoaxed America, Saddam was hung, Heather and Paul split up, Brokeback Mountain missed out on the best picture Oscar, officials in Tokyo allowed an image of Britney Spears in the nude to be displayed on their subway, James Brown passed away, Daniel Craig shone as James Bond, there was an explosion on the moon, cartoons of Muhammad were published (with an ironic reaction), that French lady had a face transplant, Gary Glitter was put back behind bars, Two Shags admitted to having had an affair (what the hell did she see in him?), the Italians finally saw sense, Bird Flu came to Scotland, I found out what made me gay, two Israeli soldiers were captured by Lebanese guerrillas... Remember the train bombings in Mumbai? And the Austrian kidnap victim who was found after ten years? Another spate of school shootings began in the USA, Dubya was given a bloody nose, A cold war style spy drama unfolded in London, five prostitutes were murdered in Ipswich, a tornado ripped through London and fog stopped me (and thousands of others) from travelling by air.

My favourite story of the year, though, however sad, has to be the poor whale who took a wrong turn North of Scotland and ended up in London.

What do you suppose 2007 has in store for us, dear reader?

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