Sunday, December 31, 2006

Alan-chan and Junya

Two outrageous bum-feelers from Yokohama came to visit us a couple of days ago.

While I generally approve of outragous behaviour, I do not approve of dogs wearing wigs. But Meg was insistent.

We had a high old time. It seemed only days since we'd seen Alan and Jun-Jun.

After arriving, I got the dressing up box
out. We pretended to be pervy women and pervy cyber people. It was fantastic. We then went out for a meal. The waiting staff thought we were outragous, even the Nazi bint from Denmark.

I'm happy, I'm carefree and I'm gay. I was born this way.

After an overnight, Alan and Junya did some touristy things. They visited Roslyn Chapel (it's a ten minute drive from here) while Ian and I walked mes filles then they took a look around The Palace Of Holyroodhouse while Ian and I spent some of our Christmas vouchers.

I was sad to see them go. Why do all the nice people live so far away?


Anonymous said...

Cyberman Porn Shots! Kewl ;-D

Have a great New Year.

Anonymous said...

Meg looks hysterical!

Old Cheeser said...

I am loving that wig - VERY Farrah Fawcett And the Cyber porn shots are hilarious / deeply disturbing! What would Dr Who fans say about your subversive use of the Cyber helmet??

Minge said...

I've used my helmet in a much more subversive style than that!