Thursday, December 07, 2006

Homophobic SNP loser bitch from hell

From relief to euphoria...

Roseanna Cunningham's bid to stop same sex couples from adopting has failed.

Click here to read all about it.

I somehow think the liberal minded folk of Scotland will not be putting an X anywhere near an SNP candidate's box next May.

I really wish I knew what I was doing when it comes to using Photoshop (or similar). Sadly, I don't. I could really make a mess of that woman's head. I'm thinking Hitler moustache, Devil's horns, blackened teeth... Bitch!


Anonymous said...

You're right, she is a bitch. Maybe a dagger in the back and a spear/arrow ;)

Minge said...

Yeah! Right through her skull!

Lewis said...

I don't think that photoshop could make any more of a mess of her face than it already is. I'll bet she's a "good Christian woman." ^%$^% her!

Minge said...

Let's send her a dog shit in a bag.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say a couple of things as an SNP supporter. Number 1 Roseanna was wrong, and frankly just plain stupid. She does not represent the view of the SNP - which is why the SNP group today voted against her amendments. Before you tar all in the SNP with Roseanna's brush you may want to consider LGBT folk within the SNP (and among their candidates). We can`t control what an individual MSP does or has done, but we certainly don`t agree with it.

You also may want to mention the two Labour MSPs who had similar amendments to Roseanna but seem to have gotten off Scott free. I wouldn`t suggest that people not vote Labour en masse becasue of these two individuals...I`d suggest they vote en masse against Labour for all sorts of reasons!

I think also as well as being negative here we should single out one man for special praise - Lord James Douglas Hamilton MSP. Lord Jim is one of the parly's elder statesman and a Tory to boot. He spoke in favour of the option of same sex couples adopting and was very measured and passionaite in his speech. As an old Tory Lord you might not expect this to be natural ground for Jim but he's a gent to the last.

So please do consider Roseanna to be an intolerant buffon but please know she doenst represent the views of the SNP MSPs or the SNP membership. We certainly won`t be forgetting her actions one this in a hurry

As for being a 'good christian', well perhaps in more recent years. I`ll say no more than that.

Minge said...

Yes, Roseanna used to go to black masses.

She might not represent the views of the SNP as a whole, but she will have put a lot of liberal people off of voting SNP. I certainly never shall. Not now, not ever. If I want to vote for a Nationalist party, I'd vote Green or Solidarity. As it is, My second vote will be going to Margo. I've already made up my mind, for the very reason I won't vote for Hamilton. I'll come to that shortly.

I'll give my first vote, I think, no, I'm sure, to Labour. Only to keep the SNP out. I can think of no good reason for voting for them.

Why vote for Margo (I hope she stands) and not Hamilton? I wrote to all my MSPs when the civil partnerships bill was doing the rounds. No SNP response (the only person to ignore my letter and two emails), a really supportive letter from Margo and a nasty piece of filth from Hamilton (believe you me, naive person, he's no gentleman) saying he'd never vote in favour of such a bill as he supports families not bands of men pretending to be married.

So, now Hamilton is supporting gay families? Can he not make up his mind? Or is he simply mad?

Minge said...

Why are SNP supporters anonymous?W Hat's to be ashamed of?

Anonymous said...

Well mainly because I`m not registered with Blogger. Also you might note that you're fairly anon yourself 'minge', hardly full details name and address is it?

As for Lord Jim what he said in Parly certainly wasnt what he said in his letter to you. Perhaps he has a traditional Tory staff member dealing with such things and didn`t check with him for a repsonse. Just a thought.

Just as a suggestion you might want to contact all your candidates before the elections next year to et thier views on what's important to you, rather than spurn folk based on decisions taken by other people.

Minge said...

Oh, thanks, I always contact the candidates before elections and ask them lots of questions. That's why I voted for Margo and Labour last time. This time, I just might vote Labour whatever the manifesto says. If only to keep the SNP out. They'll destroy Scotland if they get into power.

Minge said...

Oh, you don't need to be registered with blogger to lose your anonymity. It's quite easy, really.

Andrea said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! (I love it when your in battle mode!!) hugsxxx