Saturday, December 02, 2006


Carol and Matthew have been booted off of Strictly Come Dancing. I'm gutted. I adore her and think she's special. One of the things that makes her special is her modesty. Someone who has no modesty and who, in fact, thinks they are something special is Louisa. She's a spoiled little brat. Why couldn't she have gone? Why are the public voting for this pig-headed, pompous, juvenile, rancid, snotty-nosed, wee slut? She's so up her own arse-hole, it's unreal.

I just can't understand it. Can you, dear reader?


zona boy said...

I dunno minge. Louisa looks to be the better shag/wipe it on her pillow case/never call back/give her a fake name/split town.

I like that about her.

Carioca said...

I can see you like dance so much, don't you? OK.
Well, I haven't seen all your blog yet. But I'd like to invite you to visit mine.
So, see you!

RIC said...

... Well Minge, now that you've been invited, just cross the Atlantic south bound and go to Rio! Copacabana and Ipanema are just waiting for you!
It's almost summer down there...

Anonymous said...

My take on why revolting people don't get voted off:

Soaps, reality TV and gameshows (SCD has elements of the last two) exist to give us two type of people: Those we love/fancy/support/identify with, and those we hate. Anyone too boring to be either gets voted off instantly.

Nasty Nick Bateman (remember him?) on Big Brother was someone, like JR Ewing, we were all encouraged to despise. And you can't get your fix of hate if you vote the hate figure out of the house. It took a long time for him to be voted off.

Contestants get voted off in order of increasing blandness, until we're left with the few who are either really lovable or really hatable. As to who wins...well, hate is in fashion at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I think Louisa is part-pigeon. Her breast looms out of the bottom of her lowest chin like a bird. She's odd looking.