Thursday, December 07, 2006

McConnell/Salmond news flash

Jack McConnell was asked, today, at a news conference, if he'd ever seen Alex Salmond's penis and if so, did he know how big it was.


RIC said...

Serious business indeed for a news conference... Maybe some politicians should consider adopting similar subjects while adressing the people. They'd be listened to. Or not. Depending on the size.

Minge said...

It all comes down to cock size in the end, Ric.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but some people want to fuck with the biggest cock, and some want to get fucked by the biggest cock. Very important difference of personality types.

If you want to own the biggest, you'll dislike men with big ones. If you want to have access to the biggest, you', suck up to them

Also, I generally find the more ashamed people are about their cock-wants, the more rightwing they are. ;-)

Carioca said...

So, we still have the Roman Empire's mentality:

´´A man is as important as his penis is big``.

In this case,I think Rocco Siffredi's a very important guy, really?

Anonymous said...

Coincidentlly also the same size as Jack's Cuban heels.

Minge said...

Everybody loves heels. Especially if they're cha cha.