Friday, December 08, 2006

Heath, Magda and Dannii!

Actor Heath Ledger (centre) receives a warm welcome from Kath and Kim actress Magda Szubanski (left) and pop singer Dannii Minogue (right) as he arrives at the AFI (Australian Film Institute) Awards in Melbourne.

One's gay, one's straight and one's bi. But which is which or who is who, dear reader?


Anonymous said...

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Minge said...


Andrea said...

Madge is straight!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Oh Well! I'm trying to guess. Heath is bi, Dannii is gay, Magda is straight. Right????
Does anyone let me know the truth?


Minge said...


Anonymous said...

Oh i love Magda Zsubanski, and i'd love her more if she were Bi. Heath is pretty, but has all the personality of a bowl of cold porridge...

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