Friday, December 08, 2006

Now gays are given rights to children

I've found Roseanna Cunningham's favourite newspaper, dear reader.

And no, it's not the Indie.

This is Roseanna's favourite artwork, this is her hero and this is her fav
ourite drink.

I think she's a fanny. Let's hope to God that she loses her seat come next May before she causes any more trouble like making gays wear pink triangles or impounding the assets of the Scottish Jewry. Nothing would surprise us, now, dear reader.


Andrea said...

Oh my... This has to be one of the best posts. You are a man possessed. Good for you. The nasty cow deserves it! (I am wiping tears from my eyes!!)

Old Cheeser said...

I love the ingenious use of links. Very clever. And the fanny picture made me want to hurl (sorry ladies, just the honest reaction of an old homo).

I hope the homophobic cow gets absolutely zero votes.

Anonymous said...

This is the BEST post! Yay for you! Minge for Prime Minister! ;)