Monday, December 04, 2006

First gay wedding for The Archers


Carioca said...

Oh, my dear!
Thank you so much for linking my blog here!
I'll link yours there also, of course.
Hugs, friend!

Kieran said...

Will we be hearing them consumate?
Gotta push those boundaries now.

Minge said...

One can only hope, Kieran.

No worries, Carioca.

RIC said...

May the groom and the groom be happy together forever...

Anonymous said...

I'm vaguely proud that I've never listened to an entire episode of The Archers. Just like I've never bought a lottery ticket, or done "My Way" as karaoke.

Still, it's good that the ancient radio soap is trying to make itself a little more realistic, and that some listeners will be driven apoplectic with rage at the mention of "greek love".

But it still doesn't make me want to listen.

Minge said...

I bet they're divorced within a year.

I used to listen to The Archers solidly for about eighteen months when I worked in the post office. It was always on at the end of my lunch hour, when I would tuck into my pieces. I can't believe I became addicted to it, but I did. Then I left the postie and never looked back.

Kapitano, you've never bought a lottery ticket? What's holding you back?

I wonder how all the middle class house wives are coping with the gay wedding. What do you think?

Lewis said...

They are just lucky they can even legally get married......(yup, a bitter pill here......sorry!).

Old Cheeser said...

Well, I think it's good they've finally got benders in Ambridge. And happily married ones too.

Like Kapitano however, although I think it's a good thing, I doubt I'll be tuning in. Most soaps have now jumped on the gay / lesbian bandwagon, so it's nothing particularly ground-breaking, when you consider the bigger picture.

And I'm not quite sure what kind of ... erm ... noises we'd hear if the couple consummated their relationship on air ... the sound effects team would have to be very ... inventive, wouldn't they? And how would the middle class housewives and grannies cope hearing the sounds of rampant gay sex going on in the omnibus edition, whilst they prepare the Sunday lunch? "Oooh Mavis, I almost spilt the gravy..."