Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sven Sundgaard

We've found a hot man, dear reader. Thanks to Moncrief Speaks and It's Svensational!

Click here to read Sven's blog and look at delicious photographs of said man.

Question: Sven Sundgaard - hot or not?

We are bleesed with a few hot male weather forecasters here in the UK. Thank the lord, Michael Fish is nothing now but a horrid memory, you know, like remembering the time, when you were eight years old - you accidentally touched something brown, thought it was chocolate, put your finger in your mouth and then heard your Mother screaming, "Noooo! That's dog shit!"

Tom Schafernaker - hot or not?

Philip Avery - hot or not?

Matt Taylor
- hot or not?

John Hammond - hot or not?

Alex Deakin - hot or not?

Darren Bett - hot or not?

Richard Edgar - hot or not?

Some of these weather-men are hot, some are not, some are eye-candy, some are rough slags. If you have an opinion, dear reader, please share it with me in the comments section.


Ajunt said...

Matt Taylor & John Hammond: HOT All the rest are not.

Minge said...

Tom's had a bit of a makeover since that photograph was taken. He's now quite yummy. Philip Avery is quite funny and a little camp. He once said, on a weather forecast, "We're expecting two inches of rain, but I'm a man, so that means this much -" holding out his hands at least a foot apart.

Anjou Wu said...

Thank you for "name-checking" my trashy little fan site! It's a work in progress, indeed.

Minge said...

It's fabulous.

cheryl said...

i think sven is very cutie love the hair and body lol