Monday, October 02, 2006

Challenge Minge

Never one to turn down a challenge, I hereby take up Ric's baton:

I) Contrary to popular belief, I have no interest in any form of hedonism. I'd much prefer to sit in my living room, with my feet up, wearing my sicky clothes, draped in my blanky, watching an old black and white film, eating chocolates, drinking coffee, smoking fags. Getting drunk and behaving in some wild fashion might be fabulous once in a while but when things become regular as opposed to once in a while, they just become dull. I much prefer comfort and simplicity.

II) I know a lot of secrets and no-one can hide anything from me. No-one can pull the wool over my eyes, dear. Don't ask me how I know these things, just accept that I do. Hiding things from me or lying to me will forever be a fruitless exercise.

III) I prefer to have a small number of good friends than lots and lots of acquaintances. I sometimes feel a strong affinity with people, which is often spooky, but I always keep this to myself.

IV) I believe in an afterlife and a higher power, though I am unsure of the makeup of either. However, I do not believe in any current form of Christianity (it's as far removed from Christ's message as it can get) and abhor organised religion.

V) A good friend of mine once used me to try and come between my boyfriend and I. I'll never get over how twisted and insane the whole thing was since his ultimate aim was to take my boyfriend from me.

VI) I'm quite a left wing person, politically. I'm liberal, though not a socialist and find it hard to label myself or ally myself to any one political party. I'm quite a free thinker, have an open mind and detest dogma and doctrine. I don't like nationalism or nationalistic parties, though I do approve of some of their policies. I often think the SNP confuses pro-Scottish policy with anti-English sentiment. The political arena should be choc-full of forward-looking people, eager to improve the lives of everyone on the planet, not littered with backward-looking and backward-thinking people only seeking revenge on the few for a minority group. I'd also like to say that I'm an ardent republican, though not in the political party sense.

VII) I'm quite passionate about history and often find myself cringing when people try to tell me something that simply isn't true. However, I don't have the nerve to say, "I'm sorry, but that's wrong," so simply nod and say nothing.

VIII) I wish more people played Fib Sunday.

IX) I wish I had more hair. I'm not vain or narcissistic. I just don't think being bald suits me. Plus, I love (or used to) playing with my hair, constantly changing the style and colour... Hair is fun! I'd have loved to have been a hairdresser, but have a morbid fear of cutting someone and seriously injuring them with scissors.

X) The most beautiful song I've ever heard is Being Boring by Pet Shop Boys. I cried when I first heard it. I was in the living room with my headphones on. Mum wondered what the hell I'd heard.

I now invite YOU, dear reader, to take up the baton, though only if you want to, and continue the challenge.

It's fabulous.


RIC said...

Yes, Minge, just fabulous! I'm now moved...
Thank you very much! :-)

Minge said...

Thank YOU!