Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bob and Mary

My Mother wrote this when she was a young girl in her English class:

Bob and Mary went down the dairy
Bob, he found a big canary
"Gosh!" said Mary, "What a whopper!"
"Let's take it home and feed it proper."

Her teacher, apparently blind to the euphemism, said, "Well done, Betty, but we must have a chat about grammar."

I think it's totally hilarious.


aaron said...

that man has a horrible penis

trying2hide said...

Bob or the fellow with the bottle?

zona boy said...

that's priceless. I got your card from Japan!

RIC said...

Dear Minge, I know you have a better taste for photos... Please!
I believe you'll be very happy about my today's post: I'm celebrating the Republic (though I'm not much of a republican myself, as you know, but I do love this little corner of Europe...) Btw, I give you the translation in advance of our Poet's marvellous sentence: «My Fatherland is the Portuguese Language.» This is so true for me too.
Be merry as a whopper! (This is a synonym of canary, isn't it? Oh shit, where's my bloody (red!) dictionary?) :-)

Kapitano said...

Horrible...penis. Sorry, does not compute.

Minge said...

I just looked for a big one. I know it's ugly, but it was big. If you click on it you get a canary.