Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I had iTunes set on Party Shuffle mode. This came on and, having not heard it in a month or so, blew my mind. Just wanted to share. It's Ladle - by Bea Arthur, brought to you thanks to Brian, him having given me the album when he was over here in August.

Please download it and listen to it, you'll be so glad you did, dear reader. However, downloads are limited to one hundred or seven days - whichever comes first. So be quick!

Just click here.



Enda P said...

Priceless. Keep 'em coming!

Brian said...

Um, do you not want to mentiont that it was your dear friend BRIAN who first brought you Bea's album with that track?

RIC said...

Oh man! That woman is fantabulous! I do love her! What an actress!!!
Thanks a lot, Minge!

Minge said...

Post updated with all credits due!