Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Geeking out over Doctor Who and Torchwood

Please humour me/indulge me for a few moments.

I've been thinking...

Dangerous, I know, but I have.

Captain Jack seemingly has The Doctor's hand (as cut off in The Christmas Invasion). He's thrown about in time and space, both with The Doctor, before and after. How did he get to present day earth in Torchwood? And where are the Cybermen appearing from in the trailer for next week's episode?

Has the rift reopened?

Will Jack get sucked into the Time War, change the end result and thereby bring the Time Lords back into the equation?

And with all this running about in time, back and forth, will it become clear that the Hand Of Omega is not a device, but actually The Doctor's hand? Think about it. For us, in this time line, The Doctor is the first Time Lord. All others (if they do return) come after him.

This might also explain the speculated reappearance of The Rani!

What do you think, dear reader?


Anjou Wu said...
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RIC said...

Nice piece of prose, Minge! And your reasonings must all be quite accurate, no doubt about it! But as I'm completely out of context, I guess you could have written it in Chinese, and it would have exactly the same effect on me: zero times zero...
Well, the truth is I've never been much into sci-fi, that's it! I prefer w/bitches and broomsticks... Definitely! (Lol!)
Thanks a lot!

Brian said...

Yes, my first thought as well was that it was the Doctor's severed hand. But...wow, what a stretch of believability that is.

While I totally hated the idea of the Sex Monster, I had to admit it was a good episode. In my mind, I tried to replace the Sex Monster with the Salt Sucker from Star Trek. Made me much happier (didn't Sex Monster just have Russell Davies written all over it?).

Torchwood has been interesting. And I'm in love with Ianto. Gimmee!

Minge said...

Ianto wants you, too, Brian.

I'm tired of RTD. Sex, silly jokes, farting and Wales. Blah, blah, blah. Time for a change. Less soap, less earth, more sci-fi. Please.

Anonymous said...

^No kidding. I almost had to dig out my eyes when I read you're post BTW. But I am getting a little sick of the Doctor hanging around Earth so much. At least the Third Doctor had an excuse for a while. As for the "soap," I think I've resigned myself to it.

Minge said...

He'll be getting a mortgage and crack habit next.

Minge said...

And where do you think he might buy a house? Cardiff, no doubt. It's the centre of the universe, don't you know.