Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Ok, so I lied.

Ignore my last post.

I didn't like my new blog. New things frighten me, upset me and make me want a fag.

I've got my feet under the table. I've kicked off my shoes, popped my slippers on, along with my sicky clothes, blanky and fluffy socks.

Aaaggghhh. That's better. It's good to be back.


PJS said...


I'm so glad you're back.

The new blog made me feel hurt, scared, and a little confused.

"Promise you'll never go away agaaaaain... "

Minge said...

I promise.

Kapitano said...

Hah! Typical gay bloke. Big dramatic anouncement that you're leaving forever. Promise big changes and lots of razzmataz. Then a little while later it's "Ooh, I've changed my mind, it's all a bit scary".

And then we all say it's okay and for the best. Partly because you're fabulous (dahling) and we all love you. And partly because you show us "artistic" pictures of naked men for no specific reason.

Not so much Beta Blogger as Beta Blocker.

aaron said...


It's "aaron" here. I'm in disguise so you might not recognise me.

New blog up and running... see you there! Oh, and if anyone wants the password then you'll have to email Minge and he'll give it to you (I hope!). Can't give out my own email address as I'm now VERY security conscious..... you don't mind do you, Minge?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have your old blog page! I hate the new Blogger Beta. I was able to keep my same page, but it's in the new format and I hate it! Nothing has changed that I can see. At least they got me linked with the older Blogger pages, so I can still communicate with everyone.

Don't ever change. You are fabulous! :)

Anonymous said...

Join us, Minge, join the Betas... It's cooler over here, and we're much sexier for having joined.

Of course, you could leave it and then when they FORCE the changes on you, then you'll have problems...

Minge said...

Beta Blocker! LOL! I like it!

I quite fancied upgrading to Beta. But. It just didn't work out. Lots of things looked ugly. And I missed the continuity of my old blog. All that dragging and dropping wasn't running smoothly, it seemed overly complex and the look was clumsy. Never mind. If it is forced upon me, I'll just go back to my beta blog. It's still there. I won't delete it.

trying2hide said...

WHen they FORCE you one the new one might I suggest Haloscan comments? then you don't have to be registered with blogger or google to comment. Unless they block that too. BUT if they do, they will have a little blogger uprising on their hands they will!

trying2hide said...

You can also use a template if you choose to change your look ranther than going beta.
Just google blogger templates
There is also an open source web design link on my site.

Pick what you would like and cut and paste what you like from your current template IE archives and links etc over.

I think it is easier to do that into notepad and then move it over it is cleaner that way.

PS use notepad! NEVER MSWord.

Moncrief Speaks said...

Beta is overrated.

Minge said...

Beta is overrated.

Trying2hide - thank you so much for this. Sadly, when it comes to computers, I'm a dead loss. No, really. Plus, I don't have IE since I use a mac and macs no longer support it. :( I'm so sorry that I'm such a dead loss.

Minge said...

It's a shame I can't amend my template. I'd like to, but I'm frightened of losing the links I have along with my counter. I'd like a blog like Zonaboy's with a photograph or photographs at the top. Sadly, since I am so stupid, that will never happen.

trying2hide said...

No No No I'll help you.
I helped a girl in tennisee over the web.
Look what I just did to omy site in 38 miniutes.

trying2hide said...

PS... that was a hint go look at my site

alan said...

Of course, all this beta means that it's all in testing phase. That's what beta means. You could always wait until it's more defo, than beta.

Or, you could make the switch, become a master at it, and then you'd be a master-beta.


RIC said...

A black page, Minge?! Are we going gothic again? Oh no, not for me, as long as I can keep a white page where I can write mainly in black. Old-fashioned? Always!
Good that you're back home!
(Btw, your 3's meme has reached Montréal and Stuttgart (But I tagged nobody!) :-)