Monday, October 02, 2006

Great Idea. Why don't I steal it? (Part VII)

My iTunes Personality:
2947 songs 9.4 days 17.50 GB
(what do the last two stats mean?)

Sort by artist:
First: "O lucky you" - 2 Hope 4
Last: “Love and hate” - 坂本龍

Sort by song title:
First: “(I wanna give you ) devotion” - Nomad feat MC Mikee Freedom
Last: “Zombie (original radio version)” - ADAM feat Amy

Sort by time:
Shortest: “Tenement symphony I: Prelude” - Marc Almond (0:23)
Longest: “Jog! Spring '06” - Enda P Guinan (1:08:21)

Sort by album:
First Song: “'95 aka make things right” - Lemon Jelly (’64-’95)
Last Song: “Zombie (dancing with the zombie mix)" - ADAM feat Amy (Zombie dance version)

Search ….
“sex”, how many songs come up?: 17
“love”, how many songs come up?: 355
“you”, how many songs come up?: 482
“death”, how many songs come up?: 0
“hate”, how many songs come up?: 18
“wish” how many songs come up?: 3
“dream” how many songs come up?: 45

Stolen from here.


Wells Alternative Carnival said...

I suspect the last two tags are the size of your iTunes library, both in time taken to listen to it all, and the amount of space it takes up. Comparably, my iTunes library consists of 6578 songs, which is 20.1 days worth, taking up a total of 32.99 gigabytes. Which basically means we could have a 20 day long party without ever hearing the same song twice. Ooo...

Minge said...

Shamone Mother Fucker!

Thanks, my babe.

Enda P said...

How cool! I'm your longest track, we share the same first album and you nicked the idea from me (but I nicked it from someone else...).

I'm honoured! Shame you're away on Friday though. I'm sure my loss is another's gain. Edinbrrrrrr here I come (again!)

Minge said...

Next time, dolly. Promise!?