Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Madonna and child

What's all the hoo-ha surrounding Our Glorious Leader and her potential adoption about?

I just don't get it!

What's better? The child living a life of poverty in Malawi or being brought up by a woman with more money than I can shake a stick at and wants a child so badly that she'll go out of her way to adopt one?

What's better, a fast track adoption or the child spending another eighteen months in an orphanage?


What's the effing problem?

Oh, and why didn't Angelina Jolie get all this trouble when she adopted children from Cambodia and Ethiopia?


RIC said...

Gossip, gossip, gossip - the most powerful parole of nowadays. They just don't give a f...ck about the child; all they want is to talk about Madonna. Even her panties would be just fine...
I wish you a pleasant day in London! :-)

gab said...

cya tomorrow xxxxxxx

Kapitano said...
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Kapitano said...

* Why does Madge want a child? Is it a good reason - or is it the one Edina Monsoon came up with?

* Would Madge be a good parent? Or would she be as much use as Edina Monsoon?

* Is it a good idea for a child to be raised in the glare of publicity at all? I mean, what's the chances of the kid turning out sensible like Saffron?

Bill S. said...

Or what are the chances of the child turning out like Serge?