Friday, October 27, 2006

The fourth prime number

Seven images of Phyllis/Titty/Ian:

Seven trivia:

"Waiting for you" is track seven on Bent's new album, "Intercept!"
Seven is a happy number.

There are seven ways to love.
Herod Archelaus was dismissed by Caesar Augustus in the year 7.
I was seven years old in 1979 and 1980.
There are seven syllables in the second line of a haiku.
The Seventh is a Star Trek: Enterprise episode.

In the last seven days:
Seven lines from Chain reaction:

You make me tremble when your hand moves lower
You taste a little then you swollow slower
Nature has a way of yielding treasure
Pleasure made for you, oh
You gotta plan, your future is on the run
Shine a light for the whole world over
You never find your love if you hide away

Does this sound dirty to you, dear reader?

The most recent seven songs I've played:

Chain reaction - Steps
Not while I'm around - Stephen Sondheim
Leavin' me - Bent
A secret Rumours Of Whores demo
Time heals everything - Bernadette Peters
I won't send roses (reprise) - Bernadete Peters
Bright young things - Pet Shop Boys

Seven films I'd like to see:

Little Miss Sunshine
The Devil wears Prada
The history boys
Marie Antoinette
Casino Royale

Seven Scottish facts:

Scotland has only one land border - with England
Scots is considered a dialect by some, a language by others
Greater Glasgow is home to 40% of the Scottish population
The Kingdom of Scotland was an independent state until 1 May 1707
Scotland consists of over 790 islands
Our delicious First Minister is called Jacky
The Scots originally came from Ireland, invading or settling in Scotland a long time ago


Enda P said...

He's back, back, baaaaaaaaaaack......

Anjou Wu said...

I still miss Steps. I used to know all the routines (even to the non-single "Luv U More") and will forever love that camp creation that is Ian "H" Watkins. Bless you for mentioning them again.

Minge said...

I'd bet everything I own that they reform within three years.

Oh, and it's good to be back!

Anonymous said...

"The Scots originally came from Ireland, invading or settling in Scotland a long time ago

Sure doesn't everyone come from Ireland. Us Irish are great... No really, we are, if I do say so myself.

Minge said...

Alan, you are so right. I can say that with conviction as I'm a bit Irish, too. But don't you just get sick of people saying, "Oh, yeah, I'm a sixteenth Irish..."?

Anonymous said...

That's when we smile, nod and think to ourselves "oh dear".

It's all in good humour though.

Minge said...

It's fabulous.

Doo be doo, I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo.