Saturday, October 28, 2006

10 things

10 things I didn't know this time last week:

Kath and Kim is inspired by a 1990s fly-on-the-wall series called Sylvania Waters.

Pelicans were introduced to London's St James Park as a gift from the Russian ambassador.

A very small front garden can hold seven hundred different types of insect.

Edinburgh used to be in the Kingdom of Northumbria.

The number of people committing suicide in the UK has fallen to its lowest recorded level.

Finland is the only country in the world which broadcasts the news in Latin.

The price of a prostitute in Roman times was equivalent to eight glasses of wine.

YouTube is used to catch criminals.

Nuisance crime increases by around 20% during Hallowe'en.

A one hundred million year old bee fossil found in Burma was so good that scientists can see individual hairs.

And you thought the internet couldn't be educational, dear reader!


RIC said...

Are ya talkin' to me? Huh?

Minge said...


Anonymous said...

I remember wathing Sylvania Waters... a time when reality TV was called 'fly-on-the-wall' and still groundbreaking.

gab said...

i loved sylvania waters one of the first reality tv shows was really good

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