Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bingo, babies and booze!

I think I've been to the bingo more times than I've had hot dinners over the past fortnight. We won quite often! Sadly, not very large amounts. The bingo will never make us rich.

In the photograph above, l-r:

Mum, Carol's Mum, Carol, Pat.

Mum and I were very proud of our winnings/loot/filthy lucre.

Unfortunately, Wendy didn't win at all. She's Mum's old gypsy friend.

Her daughter's called Fern. She got this name thanks to where Wendy had it off before conceiving her. She went out for a ride with her boyfriend on his motorbike into the New Forest. They stopped for a shag. The ferns were most comfy. Apparently.

My brother, Mark, also came down for a visit to Bournemouth whilst I was there to give Mum's back garden a bit of a makeover (more about that later). He was accompanied by his wife, Marci, and daughter, Isabella. Isabella likes to wear other people's shoes. I think she's going to be the new Imelda Marcos.

My sister-in-law likes a drink. She's my Tequila partner.

We finished off a bottle between us. I got very drunk. She was as sober as a judge.


RIC said...

Oh Minge, how can you wish a child such a dreadful fate?! (Lol!)

Anonymous said...

Even bingo looks like fun with you lot. : ) Of course tequila always helps any activity.

zona boy said...

for being a gay man you sure do party hardy with the chicks. I don't know about you Minge

zona boy said...

oh, and I voted against amending my state's (Arizona) constitution to outlaw gay marriage. you're proud of me. I know you are

Anonymous said...

How cute! I want to attend Bingo with you. Glad you had a great time. :)

trying2hide said...

Darn! I thought I was the only redhead in your life! Look at all that freakin' competitition!

RIC said...

... Your staying in England may have somehow changed you a bit... Hope to be wrong!...

Tom Gaylord said...

a bottle of tequila? that's impressive, I'd be on dialysis by morning

Minge said...

I wish all little girls would grow up to have a shoe obsession!

Bingo is fun, fun, fun!

Zona, I'm very proud of you indeed. If only everyone on the planet were as fabulous as you.

You know, we really should have a bloggers convention somewhere, sometime - and play bingo!

There are more ginger people in my family than I can shake a stick at!

Has going to England changed me? In a bad way?

Tom, I heard you can take a whole bottle of voddy - anally. True?

Ajunt said...

Minge, if I'd known you liked tequila, we could have had a couple of shots after dinner! :)


Minge said...