Tuesday, August 14, 2007



japanesewhispers said...

LOL I love it! Is this satire in Islam? Seriously though I assume since the man behind the poster looks sub-continental that he's either doing it for a laugh or some mad Hindu extremist wanting to slander Islam.
Incidentally I just found out today that Urdu and Hindi are the same language. They are identical spoken but use different scripts for writing, isn't that interesting!?

Kapitano said...

Usually I say there's no limits to how mixed up the human mind can be. People seem to be machines for generating hypocrisy.

But in this case...it's got to be satire. Of the kind that flies over the heads of those who say Islam is violent.

Hindi and Urdu are indeed more-or-less the same language - further apart than (say) Irish and Scottish English, but closer than Spanish and Portugese.

English and Hindi/Urdu are in fact distant cousins. Most European languages came out of India, from the (mostly lost) Prakrit language.

japanesewhispers said...

Did you mean Irish and Scottish Gaelic?

I read on the news a while back that a Hindi speaking woman moved to Wales and was amazed when she heard people countin to 10 in Welsh, she said it was like Hindi. So, she started a study to investigate how closley Hindi and Welsh are linked.