Friday, August 10, 2007


Of course, I'm jumping for joy over the return of Donna, whom I adore, but my excitement reaches some kind of pinnacle over the appearance of Fenella Woolgar who shone (If you'll excuse the pun) in Bright Young Things.

Another guest star is Tim McInnerny who, in my humble opinion, was quite delicious whenever he appeared in Blackadder, codpiece or no codpiece.

Also, how wonderful to see Richard Briers in Torchwood and Felicity Kendal taking part in the next series of Doctor Who.  I wonder if they'll be reunited on screen somehow and shown digging up Donna's back garden, turning it into a farm?

The Christmas special is only a few months away.  I cannot wait.  For Kylie!  It's turning out to be a gay ol' Christmas.  As camp as...

And to top it all, we have Torchwood II to look forward to and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

How fabulous.


Brian said...

I've said it before: getting Donna back next year ALMOST makes up for that shit-awful season finale RTD forced down our unsuspecting throats.

Do you think she's only going to do one year?

Minge said...

I think Donna AND Martha will be the two fixed points in the Who cosmos when The Doctor himself is not. I think they will continue into season five, if only for a sense of stability.

Old Cheeser said...

Interesting that you're really pleased about Donna's return, Minge. Me and several other bloggers are less than enthused at the prospect! But hey, I do have an open mind...let's reserve judgement until the season is broadcast!

It seems the world is becoming Dr Who -consumed what with all these related shows. Not that I'm complaining or anything...