Saturday, August 18, 2007


An old dog, contrary to popular belief, can be taught new tricks.  I intend to prove this, if only to myself, by taking a leaf out of Alan's book (even though he wants to give me a delicious toe job!) and engage myself in the following:
Pottery (inspired by Krafty)

Sadly, the one course I was most eager to take, dear reader, doesn't seem to be on this year, the art of photography.

I have books on the subject and one or two people with whom I could chat.  But.  Can art be taught?  Or is it in ones bones?  Is it not true to say that one is either artistic in nature or not?  I really do not know the answer to those questions but I suppose I will find out over the next few weeks on Mondays and Thursday.

I also have the opportunity to learn how to cook an array of world dishes and fully intend to take up this opportunity.  Though only if Alan commits.  I'm not going to go all the way over to Bathgate every Tuesday evening to complete a course on my own.  I hate meeting new people and those getting to know one another approaches, so, I suppose, doing a cookery course with Alan will make life easier somewhat easier for me.

I'm not using Alan, though.  I want that to be made quite clear.

Meeting people and introductions are more than scary.  I'm sometimes in floods of tears at the thought of it.  Pure panic and fear take a horrible grip on me and all I can think of doing is running away.

But I digress...

By Christmas I may be able to tell a Raphael from a da Vinci, make myself look thin in photographs, pour tea into a cup I've made myself and know what all the funky buttons on my camera are for.

I'll be like a fourteen year old Rottweiler with the ability to operate a VCR.


Salty Sailor said...

you can use me in any way you want hen lol

Do you fancy taking a portrait of me? Something arty in black and white. I'd like a pic that I look good in, for a change.

And please don't suggest a vaseline smeared lens. I've already tried that.

Lewis said...

Oh yea, old dogs can be taught new tricks:

Voix said...

I love taking classes -- that one about making yourself look thinner in photographs sounds awesome!

Lucy said...

With regards to old dog/new tricks, I would like to learn Web design, but more specifically Flash. And from what I keep hearing, it's a daunting task. But I believe it can be done! I want to learn it so that I may apply to my comedy website. ( I'm a comedian.) And I'm cheap, so it's tough to get that kind of work done at a bargain.

This is my first time at your blog. It was a lovely visit!

Salty Sailor said...

um... first of all, I don't recall saying I wanted to look "thinner". But thanks for calling me fat.

And second of all, Lucy? You want to learn Flash/Dreamweaver in order to apply it to your comedy act? Holy fucking Jesus.

Now, do you see what I did there? That's fucking comedy, bitch.

Just a Girl said...

Fun! I love fun classes. So much better than boring old school.