Friday, September 01, 2006

A word to the wise

Remember, dear reader:

You can't wear white shoes after Labor Day. And white belts are a serious no-no, too.

Jeez - I'm longing to add the letter u to Labor.


J.a.G. said...

White shoes make my feet look like pontoons on a water plane.

Why can't you add the proper 'u'?

RIC said...

Is this a «fashion's diktat» or just because?... (Don't get it...)

Minge said...

White shoes cannot be worn in the USA after Labor Day. Labor Day in America is around about now. Labour day here, is in May.

Very odd.

I know you shouldn't, but don't know why.


RIC said...

You mean, you can but you MAY NOT?! I believe I'm having something like a stroke.
Are you joking again, Minge?! Are you pulling one's leg?!
This is so absurd! Why the hell after «Labor Day»?!
(Oh God, I feel so stupid...)

trying2hide said...

they saw the NEW rules are altered a tad.

You don't have LaboUr Day?