Friday, September 29, 2006

In the kitchen with Minge

Anyone remember House Party? Sadly, I can find no reference to it on the internet. Perhaps it's the one thing that isn't mentioned on the world-wide web at all!

Mother and I adored it.

The viewer was made to believe that all these women were meeting up in someone's house of an afternoon (it was actually in a studio) and would discuss dressmaking, cookery and entertainment. The doorbell would ring and with a look of shock and/or excitement, one of the ladies might open the door to a soap opera star, a politician or just some old biddy off of the street.

With a nod to the aforementioned telly programme, come with me into my kitchen, dear reader...

This is a new cup and saucer! I love cups and saucers, don't really go for mugs. They're so working class. I bought the above in Japan. Takayama to be exact. It's adorable. This was the first coffee ever drunk from it!

Notice anything odd about the above carrot?

What about now, it having been sliced?

Did you know, dear reader, that carrots were originally purple? Sometimes, a freaky orange one would turn up. These were seen as strange and exotic, so were bred, became popular and the purple ones died out! Well, kind of. They're still going, as you'll see above. I love this variety as it's orange in the middle. They look wrong, which is fabulous. I hate things that look normal. Quirky is good.

The carrots became part of our evening meal. Some kind of vegetable dahl. We're on a health kick after our holiday (photographs of my new muffin-top to come) so a low fat/high fibre meal was definitely in order. Served with brown rice and barley.

No salt.

Oh, and a grain and a pulse make a whole protein!


Anonymous said...

I love your tea cup. I always want to use them but as I have ginormous hands my fingers get all cramped.
Lucky me.
Though I do like a nice Dunoon mug.

Anonymous said...

Minge - your dinner looks delicious. Do you have any leftovers...? :)

Also, I adore that tea cup! I'm glad you had a great holiday.


Voix said...

Welcome home, darling!

Purple carrots. If I ever come over, you have to serve me purple carrots.

Minge said...

JAG - A Dunoon mug???

A Novelist - there's some in the freezer.

Michèle - get your arse over here before the carrots go off. I don't have many left.

gab said...

ooh the carrots look nice not sure about barley and the like

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dunoon.

Unfortunately all the newer ones are Made In England now and no longer say Scotland. I have a lovely one from Iona.

Minge said...

JAG - you collect Scottish cups?

Gabby - Barley is healthy! It will protect you from cancer.

Anonymous said...

Not in particular. But I liked the fact that they were Scottish. I loved Scotland when I visited and one of my best friends family is a bunch of crazy Scots.