Friday, September 01, 2006

Sept vite

My delicious pal, Alan, made it to Dubai this week. There's no gaydar.

In other news:

Autumn arrived, as did roundabouts, charges were dropped, there was a State Fair, Brian had a thought and told us what's to come, college football started, Ric was
disappointed, Alex didn't want to be assassinated, time went by, Juggerpix thought we forgot, Kapitano lost 7 lbs and we were asked if we have any idea how fucking miserable it is to do the bins in the rain. Moncrief Speaks cast his mind back to sixteen months ago, exhaustion ensued, PJS revealed that the autumn is his favourite season, pussy was licked, research was done, we learned that children are irrational, Papa got a brand new bag, China got frazzled, Phyllis dished up, it was Poetry Thursday, Zona told us he doesn't like pickles and I continued to crochet (note to self: buy more wool this afternoon - and some milk!).

The last seven websites I looked at:


BBC News
Pet Shop Boys
Bodies WIthout Organs
Doctor Who

Rumours Of Whores

Seven photographs I took yesterday - on the road, in Newton Stewart and in Dumfries:

Seven ways to say fast:


Seven things I can see from my window:

A TV aerial
My hedge
A recycling bin
My car
A plank of wood (in the road!)
A young woman with a kiddy in a push chair

I hate it when... (x7):

...I do a poo, stand up and find it's disappeared.
...right wing xenophobes claim to be Christian.
...I have nightmares.
...there is no milk in the fridge.
...a ball of wool I'm using gets knotted up.
...the study gets in an absolute mess.
...the doorbell rings.

The first seven words on page seven of the seventh book on the shelf nearest to me:

"It was cutting me throat what got..."

From Stuart - A Life Backwards by Alexander Masters.

What's in store for us next week, dear reader?

Well, I can safely predict that I'll be going to Japan - but what will YOU be doing?


Conor said...

At least you have a bell! Some ***% stole mine. Can you believe that? I mean really what the hell could you want with the button part without the actual bell!! Ach the state of the world today kids ....

The Brian said...

I'm impressed, Meg and Mary seem quite well-behaved.

Minge said...

Someone stole your bell???

Meg and Mary are usually well behaved, but sometimes, like most children, they tend to show off.

RIC said...

Wonderful photos, Minge! They remind me of my dreams about Scotland, the hills, the fog, the wind, the lakes (loch), the green... What a marvellous journey I've just made.
As for next week, while you'll be flying across the world, I'll be focused on the happy few. They deserve my attention, and I'm taking notes for further posts. I can tell you «in advance» you may start right now freshning up your Dutch! My Babylonian blog will get even more Babylonian... I'm thrilled. I've met new Portuguese blogger friends, really nice people, and I'm hoping they'll join the «Happy Few Club» soon. And I going back to my writing offline: I want to finish my book, I have a whole chapter to rewrite.
I guess this will be the best way to forget a stupid virtual crash on another blogger. (Correction: on a story he's been telling for a long time now. Am I stupid or what?)
And I guess that's all... :-)

Minge said...

The Happy Few Club is a fabulous club to be a member of.

RIC said...

Wow!... I'm honoured...