Friday, September 01, 2006


Life is tough for a child experiencing adult emotions, finding new things out about themselves and wondering if what they're feeling is right or wrong.

Everyone can relate to that.


My sexual awakenings were not thunderbolts, not riotous explosions, not orchestral crescendos, nor were there fireworks and rockets. It just crept up on me, bit by bit.

I remember having erections, staring at it, wondering what was going on, feeling uncomfortable. It looked weird.

Then something strange happened. I saw Limahl (aka Chris Hamill), the lead singer of Kajagoogoo on Top Of The Pops. He had a beautiful voice, a lovely smile and was so utterly gorgeous. I fantasized about holding him and kissing him on the mouth. I got an erection. I remember quite vividly that this was the very moment when the penny dropped and I put two and two together. I knew why I was having erections. I knew it was to do with sex, but had no idea who did what, how, or to whom. The only thing I did know, though, was my feelings of sexiness involved men and men alone.

Trying to think about time, dates and all that now is quite difficult. It was more than twenty years ago, but some time later a boy in my school told me what masturbation actually was. Well, he did more than tell me, he showed me. I imagined he was Limahl. It was all over in a number of seconds.

I'm not ashamed of any of this. It happened. It must happen that way for a lot of teenagers. I'm glad it happened to me in a happy and safe environment and that I was a willing party.

What is curious, though, is that in both crucial moments of my sexual development, Limahl was involved.

Limahl - I salute you and in honour of the large part (excuse the pun) you played in my life back in the 1980s, I offer, for seven days only or one hundred downloads (whichever comes first) Then Suddenly (Almighty Mix) by Limahl for download. If you like it, please check out The Best Of Limahl. You'll be glad you did, dear reader.


RIC said...

It would surprise me indeed if you'd say you were ashamed. Why on earth should you?! I got hte feeling I was different at the age of 8, and I feel no shame whatsoever about saying it. Is it only «natural» after 12, 13?! Bullshit! People who say that should read a little bit more about chid sexual development, which starts the instant you are born.
(I don't intend to lecture, so good night and sleep tight.) :-)

JoeL said...

The world around me started telling me at the age of 4. I found out at 13.

Limahl, I had a 45 of him with his pic, OMG I loved his hair. It was the Never Ending Stoty!?

Minge said...

Our sexual development starts, I think, according to Dr Freud, the moment we take our first shit! Yes! People need to get a grip, sometimes, and understand that we are sexual beings - from day one.

I love Never Ending Story. Did you download Then Suddenly? What did you think?

trying2hide said...

thanks for the thoughtful post.
hmmm. i find it interesting and thoughtful.

thank you

J.a.G. said...

Too Shy was a favourite back in the school days.

And when I saw The Neverending Story and heard that voice? Back to Too Shy.

JoeL said...

No, but I'll check it out!?

BTW, I blogrolled you today!?

Kapitano said...

I think I'm unusual in that I've never had a crush. Ever, on anyone.

I've just always found men attractive, since I about 7. Probably before then, but I only have a dozen or so childhood memories, so it's difficult to know.

But everyone I know who admits to having crushes, had them on pop stars first. Simon le Bon, Neil Tennant, Holly Johnson, and Pete Burns before he turned himself into a trainwreck.