Friday, June 22, 2007


As predictable as the waxing and waning of the moon, the tides and the knowledge that the best part of The X Factor will be the rubbish acts cast off at the beginning, yesterday was the longest day of the year.  Although we saw next to no sunshine here in Edinburgh, we were blessed with seventeen hours, thirty six minutes and thirty five seconds of Northern daylight.  Plus, of course, the strange constant twilight, melding into dawn as the globe of the sun skips briefly below the horizon.

I love the Summer and I love the longest day/shortest night.  We get a massive ten hours, thirty nine minutes and seven seconds more daylight during the Summer solstice than we do on the shortest day.

I've not had to put the heating on, nor the lights and warming foods, the comforting type such as mashed potato, soup or steamed puddings are as far from my mind as they can ever get.


The six months of looking forward to ever longer days are now over. The nights are already drawing in.

So what do I do?  Should I be a pessimist, think the worst about the up-coming six months and then be pleasantly surprised when it doesn't turn out half as bad as I expected?  Will that be the key to a happy Winter?

I don't think so.  I know it's going to get colder.  I know it's going to get wetter.  I know the days will get shorter.  I know the nights will get longer.  I know I'll have to be putting the lights on at three in the afternoon.  There's no way any of that's going to change.

Unless, dear reader, if you know of anything to aid me in thinking the absolute worst about the Autumn and Winter which might not actually occur and leave me happily amazed, please let me know.

My self-diagnosed SAD is already kicking in.


japanesewhispers said...

Move to Japan, we get less hours of daylight but 10 times more sun ... it's just started to heat up here and it'll be warm right through until October, possibly longer as this year is warm!
Rainy seasons started and not a cloud in sight, sometimes one has to be grateful for global warming

Anonymous said...

It's not just who who can feel it going downhill already. Summer's barely begun, and it's nearly over. Still, Autumn can be nice. Come November I'll be in Antigua, and that will stop me hiding under the duvets this winter.

Just a Girl said...

But Fall and Winter requires cozy clothing. I love cozy clothing. And hot chocolate. And comfort foods. And it's all hidden by said cozy clothing.

And the colours of Fall...lovely.
And snow...lovely.
And looking forward to spring...lovely.