Tuesday, June 19, 2007


A feasibility study into a high-speed rail link between Glasgow and Edinburgh has been commissioned by transport chiefs in the West of Scotland.

The implementation of a maglev link between the two cities would cut journey times from fifty to just fifteen minutes. Of course, a the idea is pure fantasy. As long as the SNP are in power, at any rate. They're already set their sights on abandoning the tram project here in Edinburgh. They'd rather spend that money on the road network. Not very green, are they? And you thought the Tories were the party most keen on cuts! Wrong! The SNP are mad for cuts. They even want to cut Ian's job. What will actually happen, though, is anyone's guess. As with every other issue, the SNP went into the election broadcasting a multitude of ideas. They've implemented not one. Instead, they've announced a raft of reviews and studies, wasting even more money than they promised.

What a mess they're making. I cringe every time I see Alex Salmond on the television. His smarmy smirk is enough to put anyone off their tea, even life itself.

Roll on the next Scottish parliamentary elections! The sooner, the better! Between now and then, however, I'll continue to hope and pray that the SNP forgets all about what is good for it and thinks about what's good for Scotland.


japanesewhispers said...

That's so weird I was just reading about that then clicked on your updated blog and you had wrote about it.
As I wrote on the BBC; nice idea but at £45 for a single from Glasgow to Edniburgh taking 1hr to 1hr 30 mins on a shitty train for 45 miles and a single from Tokyo to Nagoya on the Buller Train taking 2 hours for 180 miles costing £50 a single. Would they actually make Maglev at a price that people could afford and would use? Probably not, regardless who was in power. To be fair to the SNP this study was commissioned by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport and not the Government.
I'm currenlty doing your tag but I don't think I have 5 friends to tag ! I'm a sad blogger!

Minge said...

Isn't it sad, Alan, that everything seems to come down to money these days as opposed to what's good for the people.

I think I'm a Marxist.

japanesewhispers said...

Hasn't that been the way it always has been? I don't see it getting any better. I really think the world is going to go Hypercapitalist in the next few decades, then God help us all.

There's nothing wrong with being a Marxist, just means you really have nobody left to vote for. Unless you want ot vote for that horrid Rosie! There's always handsome Tommy!

Lewis said...

Wow! this is really a beautiful shot...the train is amazingly sleek and (nearly) sexy, even.