Saturday, June 09, 2007


Yes! It's Saturday - and Haiku Saturday to boot.

After playing, I was reminded of the following... Not sure why and refusing to use the omnipresent street talk word du jour random, I hereby share with you, dear reader:

A guy walks into a bakery and asks, "Can I have a bum please?"

"I'm sorry?" replies the girl behind the counter.

"I want your bum. Nice big white one, something to have with my soup, later."

"Ah! You mean a bun!"

"Yes, that's right, a bum."

The girl serves the guy with his bun and off he trots to the ironmonger.

Once inside, he asks the guy in the shop, "I wanna fuck it."

"What?" exclaims the ironmongery assistant.

"Leaky roof. Catch the water. Fuck it."

"Ah! You mean bucket!" says the assistant.

"Yes, that's right, fuck it."

Our guy buys his bucket and leaves for the jewellery shop.

After a brief browse, he asks the chap at the timepieces counter, "Cock?"

"Mary, please!" responds the jeweller! "I don't get off until five!"

"No, you don't understand. I need cock, mine is broken, never know the time."

"Ah! You mean clock."

"Aye! That's right. Cock."

With the assistant disappointed, our man leaves the jewellery shop and makes his way to the bus stop for the journey home. While waiting, he's approached by a fellow would-be traveller who asks, "Excuse me, do you have the time?"

"Aye," says our man. "Just hold my bum and fuck it while I get my cock out."


japanesewhispers said...

That was awful my dear quim!

RIC said...

This one may well be called «the big disaster by cummulus effectus»... Lol!