Saturday, October 13, 2007

Great idea. Why don't I steal it? (Part IXc)

No acid house, sadly, though I hope that this (or this) might make up for the lack of said musical style.


Salty Sailor said...

Camp? Moi?

I have to say, these video entries are just brilliant. Can you do some "around town", maybe in the cafe that JKR writes in, up Arthurs seat, in Princes Street gardens etc?

Show us interesting bits of Edinburgh and why you like them.

Lost Boy said...

Thank you vey much for the acid house; Billie Ray Martin in paritcular. I quite like your video blogging (or vlogging, ugh). It's like a chat show but without the diversion of Parky's wrinkles or a boring American guest you've never really heard of.

alan said...



Oh my, I better change my approach

Old Cheeser said...

So I'm "Hilarious"!!

Thank YOU for the mention darling.

Salty's right, you should make this a regular thing.

RIC said...

So I'm - or DVPeA is - «arty», huh?... At least you didn't say it's a fake...
We'll talk about that some day, sooner or later... And about the back scratching too...

matty said...


i speak for california!

i'd like to say that we want the terminator removed from the office of governor!

at once, please!

your videos rock!

you know, i don't bother to charge for my sex shows. tho, if I owned a web cam it might force the issue.