Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Great idea. Why don't I steal it? (Part IX)

Guten morgen, dear reader.

Nuns can be violent!

To celebrate the third anniversary of his blog, David recently invited his readers to submit questions which he then answered in a videocast. I plan on doing the same, recording the video in perhaps seven or so days time.

Until that time, please leave your questions for me here in the comments section or email them to me with questions in the subject line.

Ask what you like. Go on, you know you want to.

Everybody loves a sequel, even if it's plagiarism.


RIC said...

Some images should portray what you actually think of your blogger friends/acquaintances/visitors.
That's all.

Brian said...

When you said nuns can be violent, I thought you meant the Gorgon.

japanesewhispers said...

How FAB you got my blog title printed on a T-Shirt! But why is it backwards?

Leo Carioca said...

Hello, Minge!
Thank you for answering the research in my blog...

Lost Boy said...

What's the one thing or the one place you never want to see again?

matty said...

I'm very afraid of all nuns.

...but monks are kind of hot.

...um, do you know the girl sitting to you left on the banner picture of your blog? ...did she sign a release form?

kisses from OTown,

David said...



Okay... What's your favorite Asian dish and would you be kind enough to give us the recipe for it? (A vid of you cooking it would also be an adventure.)

FiL said...

As who or what would you choose to be reincarnated? And why??

Anonymous said...

What does >.< mean? If you became single would you be all slutty or take the habit?

Moncrief Speaks said...

What on earth is >.< ?

What/where is the absolute farthest you've ever been from your birthplace?

Conortje said...

When was the last time that you were really so excited you could vomit?

japanesewhispers said...

If you were a woman would you be a lady or a whore?

What would your name be?