Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I can't believe there's so little in the news today about the terrorist attacks of 11th September 2001. Next to nothing.

I watched a rerun of Fahrenheit 9/11 on television last night, there's a documentary on Channel 4 this evening about the World Trade Center and after a good dig, I found a story about 9/11 on the BBC news site.

Has the whole thing been forgotten already?

Perhaps it has. Perhaps the mess we've made in Iraq and the mess we're about to start with Iran are more important issues.

Ian and I went to Culross yesterday. It's a wee town over the water in Fife. More a villiage, actually, although Wikipedia describes it as a city.

I wouldn't say we were bored, we've never been that, but we did spend the morning wondering what we'd do in the afternoon
. A wee surf of the internet and the National Trust for Scotland website was all we needed, throwing ideas at us left, right and centre.

The journey was quite short, certainly less than an hour, though not by much. My first port of call was the public toilet. I was desperate for a waz. But I couldn't go in! No! It was ghastly! Dark, stinking and wet. Instead, I did my business in the bushes, eyes darting all around the place to see if someone was coming. I hate doing a tiddle out in the open or, at least, not in a toilet. The reason? There's no way of washing my hands afterwards! So guess what came next? A picnic of sandwiches, Ryvita Minis and fruit! All finger food.

Still, at least I was putting bacteria from my own body back into my mouth and not germs from someone else.

Culross is a beautiful place, almost preserved in time. The only giveaways being the odd car and a bus stop. Being members of the NTS, we got in to Culross Palace for free. Not only that, we were entitled to a guided tour of the town, too (highlights: Town House, Captain's cottage and The Study)! Our escort was a wonderful and charming young lady who was a mine of historical knowledge. I commented to her that Culross is like a living outdoor museum. Indeed it is and I shall return to it as soon as I have someone here to whom I might show it off!

The palace was fully equipped with period furniture, fixtures and fittings and a functioning kitchen garden! And how enlightening that was! There were enormous thistles, herbs and vegetables growing rampant. Back inside the palace, we came upon a herbal remedy exhibition. One exhibit was advice on how to cure diarrhoea. With an egg. And the advice wasn't to eat it. Edna was shocked and made a note in the comments book.

We made our way to Fife over the Kincardine bridge. Our return home was made, firstly, in an Easterly direction and then south over the Forth road bridge. Before going home, we popped in to a Nissan Garage near Ikea in Midlothian and had a look at a peculiarly named vehicle. It was quite nice, actually. I was given the impression we'd get a lot of car for our money. We might buy it. Either that, the Honda Civic or an Audi A3.


A Novelist said...
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A Novelist said...

Sadly it seems that everyone has forgotten that day and its victims. There is a ceremony going on at Ground Zero as I type, and John is performing all day and evening at various locations to honor the victims of 9/11, and their families. It's on my blog; click on the YouTube video.

I hope everything is peaceful in your part of the world. Take care. xoxo :)

Anonymous said...

It's not been forgotten, believe me, Minge. Although we've moved on from then, in the sense that the world is still turning, every one of us is dealing with the fallout. When some said it was the day the world changed forever, it sounded a little OTT, but it's proven to be true.

Leo Carioca said...

You're right: there is little in the news about that.
But it's impossible to be forgotten. Even along the next 100 years.

RIC said...

In my opinion, it's high time to get back to some decency and moral standards as far as the media carnival for this day is concerned.
To me, September 11th will always be a date to remember the victims and their families. Anything beyond that belongs in the media circus. I'd rather not watch it at all!

japanesewhispers said...

I have to say I agree with Ric. News companies like CNN and Fox sensationalised the whole thing. Last year on a very rare flip to CNN, they had a commercial selling a box set of all of CNN's 9/11 footage. Only in the US can someone make money from such a tragedy. I found it sick and vowed never to watch CNN again, not that I really did but I want even flick over just to see another view of the news. As for Fox, well I'd hardly call that a news channel. No, I think it's right that it is quietly forgotten in the media, much in the same way the Omagh bombing was as well as the countless other IRA attacks in the UK or ETA attacks in Spain. I think the point to remember is that terrorism is nothing new and every so often, these sad people "Get lucky" so to speak with a big attack, it plays in the media for a long time while governments stoke up the people's fears, then dissipates.
Although on a different note, I don't think Edna should knock it until she's tried it. Also I think you should go for the Audi. Audi's are a lot more sexier than Honda's and yourself and Ina could never be seen in anything less than pure sex!

Conortje said...

It's been six years - what is there left to say? I'm glad it's not still making the news.